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Broke, and In Love?

Broke, and in Love by Hayden Allen

Broke, and in Love?

Itís a horrible feeling, you have the doubts that they will like you because at the moment you have no cash and therefore feel paralysed as to what experiences you can share with your new partner.  Maybe you have 2 weeks to go until pay day and you have organised a date for next week Ė should you cancel? Simple answer Ė NO!

There are loads of things you can do and you donít need hardly any money to do them. All you need is some imagination and some effort Ė in fact your romantic side will shine more so than if you were to lay on the champagne and roses.


Gift Ideas

Your Mums garden
Most mums have an uncanny knack of growing the most amazing flowers ever seen.  She will be more than happy to let you loose with a pair of scissors if it means you finding love. Ask her first obviously!!!

Paint a picture
Sounds a bit gay I know, but trust me if you have any sign of creativity in you then get it down on paper and write a little message to go with it.  If you draw like a serial killer, ignore this idea!

Go to an art or trinket shop and buy some beads for a few pence.  Make a necklace personalised to their favourite colours.  Goes down a treat.

Drive them potty
There are loads of pottery shops turning up on the high streets whereby you can go and make anything you want for practically no money.  They even fire your work of art for you so itíll last foreverÖ. Well until itís dropped of course.

Send them a virtual gift
Ecards are everywhere these days, there are loads of different designs about allowing you to complete the message.  These are normally free, but watch out that they donít look too cheap.  You can even send virtual flowers to someone nowÖ. Great idea.  Donít let the virtual reality stop you from doing something that is reality though.  A virtual gift is only a click away from being deleted.

Bit of fun, give your partner a few cards that represent vouchers that are redeemable at any time.  May include:
ē Massage
ē Dinner
ē Lovin (they choose what!)

Become a poet
If you have any literacy about you then this is a great one for wooing your partner.  It demonstrates a soft and romantic side to youÖ if you are a man just donít let her give it to the lads or your best man should you ever decide to marry Ė very embarrassing!

Make them a CD
This is a wonderful gift and highly personalised.  Put together a CD of all your favourite songs ever.  Try to mix the genres up a little as it expresses more about your personality.

Going Out

The beach
If you are nearish one of course.  Take a picnic and just go and sit on the beach watching the sun go down.

Take a drive
Check your local road maps, where have you not explored, is there a country walk not too far away from you? Itís free, fun and healthy!

Cook a meal
Iím not talking caviar and bagels.  Stick to a roast chicken or tuna salad or something.  There are so many books out there with ideas for recipes that cost practically nothing.

Free events
There are always free events going on in towns near you, whatever time of the year.  Make an effort to go and check one out with your partner.  You may be surprised just how good it is.

Most people in love donít crave the material things all the time, they just want to be shown how much you mean to them.  You really donít need to spend a fortune to make someone feel special.



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