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Dating Venues

Dating Venues by Hayden Allen

Scoring in the Supermarket

Yep, its here…. In fact its actually been here for a while, its just taken time to really catch on.  Supermarkets around the world are now clocking onto the idea and in their wisdom, promoting it.  In France for instance (Paris) certain supermarkets have stated that Thursdays are ideal for singles – singles are given a purple basket with a cartoon of a kissing couple, and offered a glass of champagne and a free photograph if they succeed in hooking up with a potential mate.  Apparently there are 900,000 singles in Paris so the market is definitely there.

Turn a boring task into an exciting opportunity, hit the isles of love!

I stumbled across a website that has got some great tips for pulling in the supermarket, check out Pink Fringe.

Quite a few supermarkets here in the UK don’t have any specific day when it comes to singles night, but for some reason Monday night seems to repeat itself.  There are loads of weird and wonderful rumours about how to tell if someone is up for it, some of these are as follows:

• Bunch of lone bananas in the front of the trolley
• A lone passion fruit in the front of the trolley
• Bunch of roses in your trolley

I wouldn’t like to guarantee any of these means the shopper is up for some chat… these are just things people have told me about in their local supermarket. 

Shopping for many of us is a hugely boring affair, especially your weekly feed shop, why not spice it up and try my essential guide to getting lucky in the isles:

Gain a captive audience
Wear something that will show off your sexy side, maybe a slitted skirt, bikini top, or if you are a fella dress up for the occasion and look well groomed, possibly a casual shirt and some classy trousers and shoes.  Just wear something that makes you feel good and you know you normally get a few glances with.  It snaps onlookers out of the monotony of food shopping!

Spot a victim
Your average large supermarket has a shed load of people in it at the same time.  Find someone who grabs your attention and look for the signs that they aren’t attached (i.e. no wedding ring, single persons meals, and a most importantly partner walking round with them!).  Once they tick all the boxes look at the direction they are heading down the isle and go the opposite way so you get an opportunity to meet head on.

In for the kill
Once they go to pick up an item in the isle, try to manoeuvre yourself to get the same item.  Give them an eyebrow flash and with a natural smile say an unthreatening “hi” to which you should get a smile back “hi” back.  Nows your chance to take it further…..

Opening up
You’ll know straight away if there is an opportunity to open up the conversation.  Try to make them smile or even better, laugh.  This way you will get their immediate attention.  Don’t push it any more than a casual chat – just make your mark!

Look for a conversation piece about any of the following suitable topics:

• A fantastic recipe to do with a particular item (one you were both choosing)
• You have to come shopping in the evening (if it is of course) because its when its most quiet and you can’t be assed with the queues
• “Just had to chat to the best looking person in the meat isle”!

The checkout
You’ve made your mark, now check the body language and work out if there is any chemistry there.  Get some looks at the checkout and throw some smiles back at them and see the response.

Seal the deal
If all has gone to plan, don’t be afraid to ask them whether they want to grab a quick coffee in the restaurant in the Supermarket or the coffee shop round the corner… you don’t ask you don’t get!

Shopping will never be the same again!



Romantic Ideas, What can you do to make that special impression

You’ve got the hot date you were after, now you need to decide where to take them…

Well I’ve done the research so all you need to do is take a look at any of the following tried and tested ideas and make your booking, I have given you a brief description to help you make up your mind:

The Cinema
Great for a bit of hand to knee trial out, a very unthreatening dating venue, but also a very unsocial one so I advise you go for a drink or meal beforehand.

The Theatre / Opera / Musical
This is a fantastic venue and shows you have a touch of class and thoughtfulness about you.  When you make a real occasion of a date then I guarantee it will make a great impression on you.

A Concert
Great opportunity to show off your musical taste and present that latest dance move… just be sure you don’t make an ass out of yourself like so many people do!

A Restaurant
Always a great option, however early on in a dating stages you should be aware that your date may feel awkward eating in front of you.  It’s a great way to show your date what you know about culinary skills and different foods of the world.  I have listed a UK restaurant blog that presents some great comments, click here

For the Jestetter
Well I had to add it!  If you want to go that extra mile and really impress, nothing does more so than a trip abroad – even if it’s for just a day.  If you want to make a real lasting impression and become a huge success over night then all you need to do is click here.

The ‘chancer’ chooses the races

Quite a cool venue for a date, lots of exciting things going on spurring on conversation and enjoyment for both of you. 

It’s also a great opportunity to understand how people react to different situations and stimulations (e.g. winning or losing!).  Shows an exciting side in you too, and you don’t even have to make too much effort in dressing up for the occasion.  I recommend the local dog racing of horse ‘point to point’

The Sports Fan Chooses a game

The Sports Fan chooses a Game

Now, before you read on, don’t think that a lady will love you for taking her to see the footie team you support play on the first date…

this can be disastrous, certainly from a female’s point of view.  However, do your research and discover what sports your date likes and then surprise them with some tickets – but go for a drink before and after the game to give yourself time to chat and get to know each other.

The music lover chooses a gig

If you are a passionate music fan you may want to share an experience listening to a band or artist in a music venue or pub/bar. 

The downside is that you won’t actually hear much of what your date has to say, so not really a goer in my opinion as chat is essential in the early stages.  This should not put you off booking some tickets for a gig a little way down the road as a romantic surprise.

Perfect venue for the cultural dater

I don’t know about other countries, but here in the UK national museums are free!... 

That’s right FREE!  They are also a great way of expressing your creative edge, and a side to your personality that will spur conversation – only if you know the subject matter of course, or have an opinion on the cultural experience.  By organising this you will be on a definite good foot, trust me!

The ‘natural’ dater chooses the outdoors

The ‘Natural’ Dater chooses The Great Outdoors

Its free, its clean, its quiet (well, sometimes) and it is a perfectly romantic setting for a date.

Remember however that if not entirely confident with your partner to choose somewhere where there will be other people for safety. 

Look online or on a map at some local parks, interesting walks, monuments, lakes, waterfalls etc.  A picnic is also a nice way to share an intimate moment, as well as a chance you to show off culinary skills, only if you have any!!!





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