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Making the Date

Making the Date by Hayden Allen

Youíve recently been out and unexpectedly met someone who could be pretty special.  Youíd like to see them again and you exchanged numbers.  All there is to do now is either make the call or await the call!

This is sometimes easier said than done because we have this niggle in our minds that we could get rejected or come over desperate if we try too hard!


Below I have listed some great advice for you to read and decide how you want to play it. 

Its wonderful if they call you because you donít have to worry about the below, but if its up to you to make the first move read these points: 

Patience is a virtue.
From experience I advise you to wait at least a day before calling Ė preferably 2 days.  Any earlier and this is seen as desperate.  By giving it time you are giving them time to think about how special you are and they will be more receptive to your call.  Donít leave it too long otherwise your potential partner may feel rejected and go elsewhere.

Conversation lines.
All you need to say is that you had a great time and would they like to do it again.  Declaring your undying love (even if you had a sleepless night) is a huge turnoff for some people and you could jeopardise further dates.

Other forms of communication.
In todayís world of digital communications, there are other ways to get in touch; email, text etc.  My advice is to not go down this route as it is a sign of a coward!  Your confidence in making a call is very attractive Ė boy or girl.

50 / 50.
Once you have made the first call, subsequent calls should be shared by both of you on an even footing (i.e. donít call them more than they call you).  Be careful not to exceed your quota.

Donít be a blagger.
Once you have made the call be really careful not to over egg the conversation and lie.  Itís easy to do, especially if you are trying to impress them Ė this could ruin the rapport early on if you get it wrong!

Donít invade their work space.
If you are to call them, donít ring them at work unless they are happy for you to do so, you may be viewed as a stalker!

Left 2 messages Ė nothing - move on!
Youíve left 2 messages on their phone and waited a week and there is still no correspondence from their side.  Donít let this eat you up Ė you are too good for them and you need to move on from this situation


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